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Re: Xwin freezes when IE6 crashes...

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Kris Thielemans wrote:

> Hi
> I've recently upgraded to IE6 sp1 and encounter the following strange thing.
> Occasionally, IE6 crashes when I open a new web page (not always, but
> anyway, this is not an IE list). However, when this happens, my XFree
> session is 'frozen'. Clicking on its icon on the task bar doesn't bring it
> to the foreground. It doesn't refresh anymore etc. Killing IE doesn't help
> unfortunately.
> Nothing much you anyone can do about this I guess, but it's pretty weird,
> no?
> Kris Thielemans


It's possible that after the crash DirectDraw is in some weird state,
which affects X using the DirectDraw engine (default when DirectDraw is
detected, AFAIK).  Try giving a "-engine 1" parameter to XWin and see if
IE6 crashes still make it freeze.
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