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Running xhost from Cygwin Bash Shell..


I have the latest Cygwin release. I'm setting up to display my remote linux desktop on my Win2k box.
Running inside of the Cygwin Bash Shell, I start XWin(xwin -screen 0 1400 1050&) with no local
applications. When I then run 'xhost +' from the bash shell, the X server windows flashes and restarts.
Even though 'xhost +' printed 'access control disabled, ..', since the X server is restarting the xhost +
change is nullified.

It seems I can work around this if I start just one window local to Cygwin before running 'xhost +'. It
doesn't seem to matter what the window is: xterm, xclock, whatever. Then when I run 'xhost +' next
the X server window doesn't flash/restart, and the 'xhost +' effect of 'access control disabled, ..' has taken place
and I am able to remotely start applications from my linux box connecting to the Cygwin X Server.

Am I violating any rules by this process, is this a known or unknown issue?

Thanks, Jason Kalin

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