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Re: Running xhost from Cygwin Bash Shell..

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

What you described is by design: the server resets after the last client (xhost in this case) disconnects. You have to be running at least one local client to keep this from happening, as you discovered.

What about xwin -screen 0 1400 1050 -noreset &?


Jason Kalin wrote:


I have the latest Cygwin release. I'm setting up to display my remote linux desktop on my Win2k box.
Running inside of the Cygwin Bash Shell, I start XWin(xwin -screen 0 1400 1050&) with no local
applications. When I then run 'xhost +' from the bash shell, the X server windows flashes and restarts.
Even though 'xhost +' printed 'access control disabled, ..', since the X server is restarting the xhost +
change is nullified.

It seems I can work around this if I start just one window local to Cygwin before running 'xhost +'. It
doesn't seem to matter what the window is: xterm, xclock, whatever. Then when I run 'xhost +' next
the X server window doesn't flash/restart, and the 'xhost +' effect of 'access control disabled, ..' has taken place
and I am able to remotely start applications from my linux box connecting to the Cygwin X Server.

Am I violating any rules by this process, is this a known or unknown issue?

Thanks, Jason Kalin

-- Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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