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Re: sun binary on windows

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Shashikant Sharma wrote:
| I downloaded and installed cygwin from internet on my windows2000 PC. And
| I'm trying to execute a sun binary executable in cygwin shell, but I keep
| getting error. The command lines run fine. old scripts are running fine,
| except the executable.
| This executable doesn't need any library file, or graphical interface.
| juts a file translator. Since I don't have the source code for it, I would
| like to get it runnable on windows, as we have ported most of other
| to windows already.
| Any help is greatly appreciated.

Do you mean a Solaris binary?  If so it won't work.  Binaries compiled
for *nix will not run in Cygwin; you have to get the source code and
compile it on Cygwin for it to work.  Since you said that you don't have
the source, than you might be out of luck.  Of course, scripts and such
will run in any environment with the proper interpreter installed, and
Cygwin comes with quite a few.

I don't know what program you're trying to run, but you can probably
find an open source project that does the same thing, and try to build
it yourself.  If you manage that, then maybe you'll consider
contributing it. :-)

Yaakov S. 'd' maintainer

For those not following cygwin-apps, I have an ITP there now, and a few
other programs available to test.  Add the server to setup.exe, and let me
know what you think.
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