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Problem with 4.3.0-47, ssh tunelling and emacs

After upgrading to Xfree86-xserv to 4.3.0-47 using the cygwin setup, GNU
emacs crashes with the following messages:

X protocol error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) on protocol request

The crash occurs as soon as the mouse is moved *after* the RMB is pressed
down. It is systematic and can be repeated easily

The crash occurs with both emacs 21.2.1 and 21.3.1. The OS is Red Hat 9.

The problem does not sem to occur with other X applications on the same
tunnel. xemacs works fine.

Surprisingly enough, the crash does not occur all the time. Within the same
session, emacs sometimes works just fine. When that is the case, it works
fine repeatedly.

The crash if frequent though to prevent any reliable use of emacs, and once
it kicks in it is systematic. The conditions that trigger the problem are
unclear. Stopping and restarting the X server does not help. 

The problem does not seem to exist in 4.3.0-44, so downgrading to that
version seems to be a valid workaround.


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