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Reducing configuration headaches for cygwin-xfree


CygWin-xfree86 is tricky to install and configure and this limits who
can successfully install and use this software. 

(If you do not agree that this is a problem, then the rest of the
message is obviously irrelevant. :-)

Possible solution:

- Create an installer that has various preconfigured profiles which then
dictates the rest of the settings. Just like xfree86 has lots of C code
that I don't know or understand, the various configuration options and
.bat files and scripts must be moved out of the "user domain".
- ssh -X profile.  Create icon(s) on desktop for the various
appliactions, e.g. Importantly xterm(cygwin local), xterm remote,
Evolution remote, OpenOffice remote.
- XDCMP. I don't know much about this, so I won't comment, but I see
that this accounts for a lot of the traffic in this mailing list.
- infrequently updated. The users targeted by this sort of installer
never upgrade unless they absolutely have to.
- cygwin1.dll side-by-side install issue solved, i.e. it should be
possible to have a stable version of this X server installed next to a
bleeding edge CygWin.
- The CygWin installer is a stumbling block itself. For those that
*only* want an X server, a gigantic self-installing .exe file  would be
- "-clipboard" enabled by default.
- multimonitor support enabled by default.

Note, this is not a complaint! I love CygWin and I point to it as one of
the stellar examples of what the open source community can achieve with
minimal resources!


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