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Re: downgrading


Please use XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-50 when it hits the mirrors in a few hours. Takuma Murakami made a patch that should fix your problem with window moving on multiple monitors (he has a multiple monitor setup at home, so I believe he was able to test this).

In answer to your question, can downgrade to the version currently marked as "prev" via setup.exe if you locate the XFree86-xserv package in the list of packages, then click on the value in the "New" column until it says the previous version number. You can figure out which is the previous version number by clicking the new column up to about 8 times until you see all options available.

However, we generally like to fix things quickly and would prefer not to have most users downgrading to older versions to work around things.


Daniel Danger Bentley wrote:

Thanks so much!

Any good hints on how I downgrade XFree?  Can I do it with setup.exe?  How
do I install it?  Is there a good page?  I'd love to make this work again.


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