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Re: reset/terminate problems; preventing multiple XWin instances


On 29-02-2004 14:11, Takuma Murakami wrote:

>> As for preventing multiple instances of XWin
> This feature is already implemented in my local tree (not
> port based but mutex based detection).

I see that it's in 4.3.0-50 and working well, but I don't see how the current implementation addresses the common task I mentioned:
"open an xterm; run XWin first if needed"
If I use a batchfile that always runs XWin and then xterm, from the 2nd invocation onwards it will produce the error popup reporting a "Fatal error" and directing me a to log file... Not quite what's needed here.[1]

Perhaps there should be a switch that says "if the display already exists, exit silently".

But that doesn't solve the case where I want to run additional programs (say, twm and xeyes) whenever a new display is created -- again a common scenario, I believe. One way to solve this is to add an option for checking the presence of an XWin instance on the given display number and exiting immediately with a corresponding errorcode; a batchfile can then check for the existance of an XWin instance, and if negative spawn XWin and related stuff. But this could lead to a race condition if two batchfiles do the check simultaneously. An alternative is to add an option for XWin to run some executable iff its startup succeeded.

Yes, I realize this is getting somewhat convoluted, but I think it's an important and common use case. I'm trying to move a certain large group of people to Cygwin/X, and the issue of "transparently" invoking Cygwin/X is one of the two major issues holding things back (the other one is multiwindow mode performance).


[1] For extra helpfulness, perhaps you could specify the nature of the fatal error at a prominent location inside the dialog box and not just inside the log file?

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