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Re: New log file header

> > 2. Could you add a time-stamp at beginning of each line ?
> >    I tried to correspond the log messages with external actions (i.e.
> >    copy/paste and Emacs errors) and the time stamp could help.
> That is an interesting idea.  I think we can do something like that 
> because we have a single "ErrorF" function that handles printing the log 
> messages.  We should be able to modify this one function to get 
> timestamps on all entries... but it may not look too pretty since it 
> will mess with multiple-line error messages that come from other parts 
> of the source code.  If those lines are printed with multiple ErrorF 
> calls, then things will line up correctly.  However, if they are printed 
> with a single call to ErrorF with multiple "\n"'s, then it may not look 
> so good.  Of course, we could substitute each "\n" in the format string 
> (except for the last) with "\n%TIME%", which would help to keep things 
> aligned.
> I dunno... I will have to think about this a bit.

In my humble opinion, time stamps are very good for debugging
but might be slightly too verbose for average users.  Additionally
it could reduce readability of log files.

I think a kind of log level (verbosity level) is desired so
that XWiin will print time stamps if -verbose or -debug flag
is specified.  However I can't contribute right now so I honor
implementor's choice.

Takuma Murakami

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