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Re: Differnce between Xfree and Xorg

On Wed, 12 May 2004, aroushdi wrote:

> I am a little bit confused I see here that we have moved to Xorg 
> distribution . I took a look at and it seems they have 
> Binaries for Cygwin till 4.4 .

These binaries are likely to be very outdated. We moved to because 
it was easier for Cygwin/X developers to get cvs access there. XFree 
only allowed cvs access for a few people from the core team. We had
to ask them to include the changes into their cvs. As a result the 
XFree cvs was always a few weeks up to some months behind the Cygwin/X 

The cygwin part from XFree may now be about 7 or 8 months old. Many
improvements (eg for multiwindow mode or clipboard support) have not 
been included into the XFree cvs. 

> My question is Xfree going to be abandoned in favor of Xorg . What is 
> the relation between the 2 . The reason I am asking because since the 
> move to Xorg binaries i cannot have more than one Xsession at a time .

You can start the first Xserver as usual
XWin [options]
and the second with
XWin :1 [options]
the third with
XWin :2 [options] 
and so on

This results in display names :0.0, :1.0, :2.0 ...

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