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Re: problem resizing tunneled xterm

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Kris Thielemans wrote:

> Hi
> I run a remote xterm via
> ssh -Y mydebianlinuxsystem xterm </dev/null&
> this works perfectly fine, except when I resize the window (in particular:
> make it wider). It seems that xterm/bash doesn't pick up the new size
> properly. Although output now does fill the new size, I have trouble with
> command recall in bash. Pressing uparrow to get to a long command line (i.e.
> longer than the size of the original window), results in garbled display.
> The line displays truncated at its original size with bits at the start and
> end missing. Pressing left-arrow etc results in lots of fun effects. Ctrl-L
> does display the whole line, but with line breaks at the original width.
> Note that for local xterms, this problem does not exist.

Maybe the local xterm is newer and already contains a fix for this problem. 
I can't think of a different reason why the remote xterm would behave different.

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