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Re: Differnce between Xfree and Xorg

Alexander Gottwald wrote:
On Thu, 13 May 2004, aroushdi wrote:

Alexander , thank u for ur quick reply I have used ur technique with and without -from , -fp , once and they all fail with unable to bind and no message in the logfile . I have produced the same errors on winXP and W2K . same thing . Old version 4.3 and 4.4 works fine no problem . is there a way to get a more diagnosting log . I suspect that there is a module locking some file which casses this error . The same error can be reproduced on V 4.3 & 4.4 if use the same port :X we get the same message faile to bind .

Alex can u reproduce this problem

no. If I start XWin twice with :1 I get

winCheckDisplayNumber - Cygwin/X is already running on display 1

Fatal server error:
InitOutput - Duplicate invocation on display number: 1.  Exiting.

Can you send the commandline which you used to start the xserver? What kind of network cards do you use? Do you have any kind of personal
firewall or vpn software installed?

Alex thank u for ur concerns ,
I use 2 PC's one IBM Intellistation standard with an INTEL 82556 based integrated adapter . The other a T40 thinkpad with INTEL PRO/1000 MT Mobile connected integrated also .

the command line I use in the following sequence from a cygwin shell :
Xwin :01 -query host1 -from myhost -once &
Xwin :02 -query host1 -from myhost -once &
the reult is the same if i opened 2 different cygwin shells or change the ports .
I have ZoneLab Integrity client installed and all X programs are defined as trusted as well as our network which is trusted as well .
I have also a ATT dialer 5.5.01 installed but not active ( Xwin kills the VPN connection after sometime completely random ) so i uses either but not the 2 in the same time

Hope this will help in resolving my problem .

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