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Re: fonts in Cygwin

Michael Denk wrote (schrieb, a écrit):
On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Klaus Kassner wrote:

I have xfig installed under cygwin.  The program runs fine, but if I try
to input text at size 30 in font Helvetica (which I often do for
transparencies), then it does not find the fonts and displays the text
as an ugly 12pt times roman.

WJFFM. I have installed all font packages for the X Server, though. I'm guessing the fonts you are lacking are in the package xorg-x11-fnts. You can find it under the category X11 in the Cygwin setup program. If installing this package doesn't help try installing the other font packages as well.

I looked at my installation. I have the xorg-x11-fnts (and I believe all other font packages), and reinstalling them did not change things. However, I noted that I did not completely realize the nature of the problem: I do get most fonts correctly, including, incidentally, the normal Helvetica. But some of the fonts are not there, in particular Helvetica-Narrow. This was just the first font problem I noticed, since Helvetica-Narrow is the font I most often use in transparencies, and I had taken some xfig-generated transparencies from my work computer to my home computer to modify them, which I could not do for lack of the font. I then generalized the problem incorrectly, assuming that *all* larger fonts were missing, probably, because xfig does not replace a missing font by a similar one but just by Times-Roman, size 12.

So I don't get Helvetica-Narrow, nor, I believe ZapfChancery. In any case there are several fonts missing, including Helvetica-Narrow. Are there people out there who have them in their default cygwin installation?

Now I'm asking myself, whether the font files are different on different linux systems. Since I have fonts in the same directories on my work computer (running under linux) as under cygwin on my home computer, and they seem to have the same names (I'll have to verify that in detail), I wonder whether the problem could be simply solved by copying the missing font files by hand from my work computer to my home computer...

Klaus Kassner

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