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Re: startx failure, on fresh install

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Greg Smith wrote:
>> startx won't start X, after fresh install of latest cygwin on fresh XP
>> laptop
>> See previous report here:
>> (no responses to that). I've found one other user with exactly the same
>> problem, but have had no response in this forum or in the cybertechhelp
>> forum where the other user posted, so I'm posting again.
>> Currently, my options seem to be:
>> (1) go buy another laptop, maybe cygwin-x will work on that one. I kind
>> of like this one, though, everything else works on it.
>> (2) attempt to 'downgrade' from 6.8.99 to 6.8.1 / 6.8.2 (there's a mix
>> of these available on the mirrors); I've seen one report by a user who
>> had success fixing a similar issue by this means. Is there anythng I
>> should know before I try this? It seems that setup.exe will refuse to
>> change all the X components at once, in particular the xorg-x11-base
>> needs to be changed separately. Do I change it first, or last? My
>> previous experience with this sort of thing makes me concerned that I'll
>> irrevocably mess up my install if I do this wrong.
> You may want to use or startxwin.bat, since there seems to
> be no evidence of anybody trying those methods yet.  My experience is
> that I have tried startx and, and they both don't work; the
> startxwin.bat file is the only one that worked for me.  Try it out, and
> see what happens.
> And the next time you report a problem, you might want to read:
>> Problem reports:

My apologies for the raw email address! :-(


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