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RE: startx failure, on fresh install

FWIW, my X problems went away when I downgraded to the
pre- versions of xorg-x11-* packages. Given my 
experience and others' reported problems on this list, 
I don't consider the "99" version stable. And, I understand 
that there is no one currently maintaining it.
Maybe there was a better way of doing it, but with the inter-
dependencies between the various X packages, it took me three
(or four?) invocations of setup.exe to completely downgrade.
I think there is little risk of irrevocably messing up your
--Ken Nellis

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From: Greg Smith [mailto:gsmith at alumni dot uwaterloo dotca] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:45 PM
To: cygwin-xfree at cygwin dotcom
Subject: startx failure, on fresh install

startx won't start X, after fresh install of latest cygwin on fresh XP 

See previous report here:

(no responses to that). I've found one other user with exactly the same 
problem, but have had no response in this forum or in the cybertechhelp 
forum where the other user posted, so I'm posting again.

Currently, my options seem to be:
(1) go buy another laptop, maybe cygwin-x will work on that one. I kind 
of like this one, though, everything else works on it.
(2) attempt to 'downgrade' from 6.8.99 to 6.8.1 / 6.8.2 (there's a mix 
of these available on the mirrors); I've seen one report by a user who 
had success fixing a similar issue by this means. Is there anythng I 
should know before I try this? It seems that setup.exe will refuse to 
change all the X components at once, in particular the xorg-x11-base 
needs to be changed separately. Do I change it first, or last? My 
previous experience with this sort of thing makes me concerned that I'll 
irrevocably mess up my install if I do this wrong.

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