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XDMCP connection to (K)Ubuntu freezes


I have used Cygwin/X + XDMCP connection to Debian Linux computers in
several Windows computers for several years, with no problems.
However, I recently installed Kubuntu 6.0.6 to one computer and
noticed that XDMCP connection freezes quite quickly. Symptoms are:

- I get the login screen
- I get the desktop
- I can activate any program
- after activating couple of windows, specially command shells,
connection gets extremely slow and it eventually freezes
- now when I try to close Cygwin/X, windows Task Manager just says
"program is not responding"
- the behaviour is exactly the same in two computers, both running
Windows XP Pro SP2.

If I just open X with "startx", take ssh connection to Kubuntu
computer and run "anything" from there (including command shells),
there are no problems whatsoever. So this error seems to be isolated
in XDMCP or handling of the desktop.

To be honest, I have not tested the exactly same Cygwin/X setup to any
Debian machine in the last few days, as I don't currently have an
access to any Debian machine, which would run X. But, it was working
fine still a couple of months ago.

Here is a reference to Ubuntu web forum about same problem:

The "cygcheck.out" is attached.

Any help is appreciated. If you need, I can activate some switches in
Xwin to produce log files you need.


Kalle Tuulos

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