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Re: WinXP Taskbar Overlaps Maximized xterm

Tim Daneliuk wrote:
Tim Daneliuk wrote:
Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
Tim Daneliuk wrote:
I have DAGS and looked at the cygwin FAQ but cannot seem to find this
problem addressed, so ...

When I maximize an xterm on my WinXP workstation, it gets sized so that
the Windows taskbar slighty overlaps the bottom of the xterm window.
This makes it very difficult to read the last line on the xterm display.
Is there a fix/workaround for this?

How xterm maximizes is controlled by the window manager.  If you're
running in -multiwindow mode, you may want to consider using another
window manager that can take into account the task bar (in that

But doesn't -multiwindow mode effectively use the native WinXP window management system (that should know about its own task bar size)?

A bit more poking around and I discovered that this behavior is font-size
sensitive.  If I start xterm with either an -fn 10x20 argument or select
the "Huge" font option once xterm has started, I get this problem of
the xterm window being slightly overwritten by the taskbar when xterm
is maximized.  With smaller fonts, this problem disappears.  I dunno
if that helps figuring out what is going on or not ...

Can't say whether Windows is reporting the right size or not.

There's a similar issue with KDE and xterm on RHEL 3.  So it could also be
an upstream problem in xterm, if it still exits in the current version.
You might want to check that out.  I don't see the problem with konsole.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746

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