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Re: XWin Server starting everything offscreen

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> Mark A. Ziesemer wrote:
>> However, it seems that some part of this (the XWin window manager?) is getting
>> confused by the multi-monitor window geometry.  I have 2 monitors, 1280x1024,
>> with the primary on the right and the secondary on the left.  When starting,
>> the "X" taskbar button and tray icon appear, but no window is visible.  I did
>> find that it's hiding off to the right, and can be moved back by right-clicking
>> on the taskbar, choosing move, then using a combination of the mouse and arrow
>> keys (neither works independently).  While this may be a quick fix, the same
>> happens for every additional program opened, and every time I restart I have to
>> repeat this all again.

I was actually thinking the other day about how the bit of code which does
this might be wrong. :S

I suspect the problem is that when you have the secondary to the left of the
primary, the windows on that monitor have negative coordinates.  The code
which constrains windows to lie on the display does the wrong thing in that
situation, so they can appear offscreen.  I'm not sure if that's the only
problem in that configuration, though.... but the patch you linked to should
be making everything fine once the window is visible, so maybe it really is
only a window placement issue.

If possible, make the display on the left the primary and see if things get
better :)

> Additionally, when I choose to "Exit Cygwin/X", the confirmation dialog "...
> Proceed with shutdown of this display/server?" is displayed split between my 2
> screens, with half the text on one, and half on the other.  While still usable,
> the typical practice would be to have this centered on the primary monitor.

I don't think this is a regression against the 6.9 server.

I agree it is clearly wrong, though.  Windows should be managing the location
of this dialog for us, though and should know enough not do that (X programs
think that the display is one big screen, and so can't know not to put dialogs
on the crack between screens)

>> I tried replacing the "-multiwindow" with "-multiplemonitors".  While this
>> eliminates the offscreen issue, it eliminates the individual taskbar buttons
>> which would be very nice to have.  The screen is also still then seen as one
>> "large" screen, where everything still tends to center across the monitor
>> divide.  Additionally, items like the taskbar on the primary monitor cause an
>> equal void to appear on the secondary monitor, as it is just one continuous
>> area that must fit on both screens.
> The -multiwindow and -multiplemonitors options are not mutually exclusive.

-multiwindow means "hide the root window and use the internal window manager
to integrate X windows with native windows"

-multiplemonitors means "I want one big X screen for this display to span all
my monitors" and is on by default in -multiwindow mode

If you want -multiwindow mode, but only on 1 screen, something like "XWin
-screen 0 @1 -multiwindow" should work.

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