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Re: xorg-xserver-1.5.3-2: Dialogs that save their positions keep drifting downwards

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> Cesar Strauss wrote:
>> There is a GTK application (gschem from that saves
>> the position of its sub-dialogs when they close, so they reopen at the
>> same place.
>> Up to now, on Cygwin/X, this didn't always work well: in multi-window
>> mode, dialogs kept reopening a little lower each time, by an amount
>> equal to the title bar height.
>> When xserver-1.5.3-1 came out, I was glad to see it was fixed.
>> However, the symptom reappeared on xserver-1.5.3-2.
> This is a case of trading one bug for another.  1.5.3-1 had an issue
> with window geometry ignoring the window decoration (title bar and
> window edging), meaning that a window at +0+0 (upper left corner) would
> have its title bar past the top of the screen.
> So we added a patch to move the window down and slightly right to
> compensate for the window decoration.  But we need to account for that
> adjustment when the location is saved, otherwise you get the constant
> offsetting as you have demonstrated.

Actually, the nudge away from +0+0 should only be occurring if we are within
the window decoration's size of that corner of the display, so it shouldn't
be interacting with this.  Unless that's broken.

It might be that other changes to the window placement (to avoid nasty effects
when the hinted styles were applied) mean we aren't placing the window
correctly (so it's getting moved by the decoration size every

> Jon, does this give you enough information to figure this out?

I'll see what I can do :)

>> A minimal testcase is attached, as well as the cygcheck -s -v -r output.
>> [I should add that both the application and the testcase works
>> correctly on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu Intrepid), that is, closed dialogs
>> remember their positions.]
> As I'm sure it would work with XWin in rooted mode with a standard
> window manager.
> Thanks for the bug report and test case

Indeed, very good bug report, spoiled only by the lack of patch :)

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