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Re: XWin Server starting everything offscreen

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Jon TURNEY wrote:
> I was actually thinking the other day about how the bit of code which does
> this might be wrong. :S
> I suspect the problem is that when you have the secondary to the left of the
> primary, the windows on that monitor have negative coordinates.  The code
> which constrains windows to lie on the display does the wrong thing in that
> situation, so they can appear offscreen.  I'm not sure if that's the only
> problem in that configuration, though.... but the patch you linked to should
> be making everything fine once the window is visible, so maybe it really is
> only a window placement issue.

I think that patch was already committed[1], but the code has clearly
changed significantly from then.


> If possible, make the display on the left the primary and see if things get
> better :)

I like this solution. :-)

> I don't think this is a regression against the 6.9 server.
> I agree it is clearly wrong, though.  Windows should be managing the location
> of this dialog for us, though and should know enough not do that (X programs
> think that the display is one big screen, and so can't know not to put dialogs
> on the crack between screens)

You'd certainly think so, this is a Windows dialog after all...

> -multiwindow means "hide the root window and use the internal window manager
> to integrate X windows with native windows"
> -multiplemonitors means "I want one big X screen for this display to span all
> my monitors" and is on by default in -multiwindow mode
> If you want -multiwindow mode, but only on 1 screen, something like "XWin
> -screen 0 @1 -multiwindow" should work.

I don't have a multihead setup, so I'm unable to test any of this.

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