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Re: Proposed patch to system.XWinrc

On 6/20/2009 4:43 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
Ken Brown wrote:
I prefer "bash -l -c /usr/bin/emacs" so that the bash initialization files are processed before emacs starts. For various reasons, I want the environment inside emacs to be the same as the usual bash environment. I suspect that most emacs users would want that, but I don't really know.

Yes, I think this is a general problem: when X is started directly from DOS and then programs are started from the tray menu, they aren't executed in a login environment. It seems unlikely this is what anyone would actually want (I notice my .Xwinrc is decorated with equivalent options.) So perhaps we should be launching everything using '/bin/sh -l -c'? Patch attached.

But even with this, there is a difference between 'exec xterm' and 'exec xterm -ls' (which will use the users shell of choice from /etc/passwd, which I shall assume is bash), which I think is due to /etc/profile setting PS1 differently depending on if the shell is sh or bash...

What's the reason for launching everything using sh rather than bash? If I'm reading the bash documentation correctly, it means that ~/.bash_profile won't get executed (though it would get executed if it were renamed ~/.profile).


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