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fastpath 0 -> xterm?

Since I'm not seeing this in the FAQ, I wanted to propose the
following item: what would be required to go "from zero to xterm"?
I.e. from a Cygwin-less windows box (windows >= 2k) to getting a
Cygwin/X xterm up on one's screen?

>From my recent experience, it seems to me the "minimal install"
would be 

0 <whatever setup.exe wants to install by default/>
1 font-misc-misc
2 font-alias
3 ncurses
4 xinit
5 xterm

Note that

* this is not a "minimal package set," as I've no interest in
  second-guessing what goes into the default Cygwin install

* my personal experience was colored by my need to get emacs up, so I
  only tested adding the above plus emacs-X11 and font-adobe-dpi75.

* I only tested on xp

Perhaps someone else can test the following underdetailed (fastpath/
debug-free) 10-step procedure to "go from zero to xterm":

0 login in as an admin

1 Decide where you want to install cygwin. Call that CYGWIN_ROOT, and

2 download latest setup.exe from

3 download and install the default packages plus

font-misc-misc        to avoid font problems
font-alias            to avoid font problems
ncurses               maybe only for emacs?
xinit                 to get startxwin.bat
xterm                 for your xterm

  and let setup.exe install an icon (noting to where the icon
  installs, e.g. your desktop)

4 Add CYGWIN_BIN to your windows %PATH%

5 Run the Cygwin (non-X) bash, e.g. from the icon.

6 Configure your mounts.

7 Verify your mounts in a new Cygwin (non-X) bash (i.e. closing the
  one you initially opened).

8 Copy startxwin.bat (which should be in CYGWIN_BIN) to a suitable
  location (e.g. $HOME) and edit it appropriately. Obviously lotsa
  handwaving here, but a simple rootless, WM-less setup would include
  the (single) line

> %RUN% XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -emulate3buttons

  and running a simple xterm would involve a (single) line like

> %RUN% xterm +tb -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg black -bg white -e /usr/bin/bash --login

9 run startxwin.bat; xterm ? success : debug

FWIW, Tom Roche <>

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