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Re: fastpath 0 -> xterm?

Tom Roche wrote:
Tom Roche Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 02:29:30PM -0400
Since I'm not seeing this in the FAQ, I wanted to propose the
following item: what would be required to go "from zero to xterm"?
I.e. from a Cygwin-less windows box (windows >= 2k) to getting a
Cygwin/X xterm up on one's screen?

Christopher Faylor Mon, 29 Jun 2009 16:45:18 -0400
You do understand what the "F" in FAQ stands for, right?

I suspect folks frequently ask, "Just how much pain will this involve?" You may have noted that other projects frequently seek to demonstrate how easy it is to setup and do some simple task.

That may well be true but the guideline we use for Cygwin is how often a question comes up on the list. If a question doesn't come on the list or doesn't come up often, that doesn't mean it's not a valid question or wouldn't be a good thing to document somewhere (like perhaps the User's Guide). It just means that it hasn't passed the test to make it into the FAQ. We'd like the FAQ to be targeted so that it's not overwhelming to look through when trying to find a quick answer to a common question. Certainly one could argue that it's already passed that point but if one did make that argument, it would be a reason for trimming the FAQ of things that aren't deemed necessary anymore rather than expanding its charter. ;-)

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