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Re: Changing interactive shell from Bash to Zsh

Anonymous bin ich writes:

> Hi!
> I am having trouble changing my shell from Bash to Zsh.
> Since there is no chsh, I have tried adding "exec zsh -l" to .bashrc
> Unfortunately, since cygwin is started as "interactive login shell",
> it doesn't read .bashrc and so it starts as bash
> If I source .bashrc from .bash_profile (which I don't like), then it works.
> But then I cannot start X server from the start menu shortcut because
> bash reads .bashrc, executes zsh and exits; even though startxwin.exe
> is called by "bash -l".
> So, is there a way to change shell?

All chsh does is edit the last field in /etc/passwd.  You can do this
yourself in any text editor (assuming you've got write access).  Just change
/bin/bash to /bin/zsh and you should be OK.

Don't even think about hacking .bashrc, .bash_profile or .profile.  If you
do, then anything that tries to run bash will end up running zsh, and will
probably fail. (This would include all post-install scripts run by setup.exe,
so you'd probably end up with a hosed system)

BTW, this is the wrong list for this topic; it has nothing to do with X.


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