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Earnie Boyd wrote:
> If MAKE_MODE is not set then do the path seperators in the path lists 
> need to be in WIN32 format?

MAKE_MODE selects between native Win32 make mode (the default) and
a Unix mode where it behaves like a Unix make.  The Unix mode does
allow specifying Win32-style paths but only containing forward slashes
as the path separator.  The path list separator character is a colon
in Unix mode.

Win32 mode expects path separators to be either / or \.  Thus no
Unix-style \s as escape are allowed.  Win32 mode also uses
cmd.exe/ as the subshell which means "copy" and "del"
(and other shell builtins) will work.  The path list separator
character is semi-colon in Win32 mode.  People who want an nmake-like
make might want to use this mode but no one should expect Unix
Makefiles to compile in this mode.  That is why the default b19
install sets MAKE_MODE to UNIX.

Hope that clears this up a bit...
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