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ncurses-4.2 had broken links

Hi *,

whoever got my ncurses-4.2-cygwin-b20-bin.[tar.gz|zip] archives from should download them again. I built new archives, because
the old ones contained several files with broken symlinks.
The new archives should be available on tomorrow morning

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to Demin Feng, who pointed out
this problem.

Btw. this has been caused by a problem with tar, because tar always
"translates" relative symlinks to absolute ones.
So if you create a tar archive from /temp/x/usr/, all the symlink files
in your archive point to this absolute path.
For example in /usr/local/lib you have
terminfo -> /temp/x/usr/local/share/terminfo

This even happens, if you change the contents of the symlink file to
something like "../share/terminfo" !

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