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I'm working with a group that is in the process of migrating Java
development to emacs/NT, JDE, and cygwin make. I've found that the JDE
"build" command, which uses the emacs "compile" function, runs make as a
subprocess. If you do this with the "standard" NT emacs shortcut, the
underlying shell is the NT command processor, and make barfs. If you
explicitly start emacs from bash, then everything works as expected.

So, I tried modifying the shortcut for starting emacs to look like

"bash -c emacs"

and it works, except I get an extra, empty bash window. 

Now to the question: Is there a way to start emacs under bash without that
extra window cluttering up the screen? Or do I need to re-define the compile
command to use "bash -c make" instead of just make?


John Collins

KeyTech LLC

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