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Re: Starting emacs under bash

At 10:14 AM 3/1/99 -0600, John Collins wrote:
>I'm working with a group that is in the process of migrating Java
>development to emacs/NT, JDE, and cygwin make.  I've found that the JDE
>"build" command, which uses the emacs "compile" function, runs make as a
>subprocess.  If you do this with the "standard" NT emacs shortcut, the
>underlying shell is the NT command processor, and make barfs.  If you
>explicitly start emacs from bash, then everything works as expected.
>So, I tried modifying the shortcut for starting emacs to look like
>  "bash -c emacs"
>and it works, except I get an extra, empty bash window.  
>Now to the question:  Is there a way to start emacs under bash without that
>extra window cluttering up the screen?  Or do I need to re-define the
>compile command to use "bash -c make" instead of just make?

There's no need to start Emacs from bash.

Simply put

(setq shell-file-name "bash")

in the .emacs file.

This tells Emacs to use bash as your "implicit" (default) shell for any
that want to use a shell to launch a process, e.g., compile.

This is what I do and it works just fine.

If you want to bash to be the shell started by the command "shell," put

(setq explicit-shell-file-name "bash")

in your .emacs file as well.

Of course, I'm assuming bash will be in your user's path. If not, specify
the complete pathname.

- Paul

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