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Re: "Out of environment space" error

The answer is in FAQ.  You need to edit your config.sys file on Win95/98.
It occurs only on win95/98.  
FAQ link is on the Cygnus web pages.

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From: Damian Rouson <>
To: '' <>
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 9:11 PM
Subject: "Out of environment space" error

>I have tried running beta 20.1 of the bash shell on
>both Windows 95 & 98.  In both cases, I get the error
>"Out of environment space
> Bad command or file name"
>upon launching the shell and then shell exits.
>(With Win98, the first line is repeated twice.)  My
>machine has 128 MB of RAM and 202 MB of free disk
>space on the partition on which Cygwin is installed.
>Can anybody tell me what's causing this?
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