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B20: Bug? backslashes and stars within args of ls

If one combines backslashes and stars within filenames as argument for ls,
the stars are NOT expanded if they occur next to a backslash:

(C:/temp/fdr is a directory containing some files.)

ok: ls c:/temp/fdr
ok: ls c:/temp/f*
ok: ls c:\\temp\\fdr
ok: ls c:\temp\fdr

not ok: ls c:\\temp\\f*
//i/programme/mm3/util/ls: c:\temp\f*: No such file or directory

not ok: ls c:\temp\f*
//i/programme/mm3/util/ls: c:tempf*: No such file or directory

ok: ls c:\\temp/f*

I'm running ls within cmd.exe from NT 4.0

I would like to call ls like

ls c:\temp/f*

i.e. with SINGLE backslash.

Maybe there is a environment variable to control cygwin's behaviour?

M. Waldor

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