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Re: Cywgin + XEmacs + Tcsh: error messages.

---Tsuyoshi Tada <> wrote:
>   733k 1999/02/17 C:\usr\cygwin-b20\H-i586-cygwin32\bin\cygwin1.dll
- os=4.0 img=1.0 sys=4.0
>                   "cygwin1.dll" v0.0 ts=1999/2/17 10:48
>   733k 1999/02/17 C:\usr\local\bin\cygwinb19.dll - os=4.0 img=1.0
>                   "cygwin1.dll" v0.0 ts=1999/2/17 10:48

Do you need the copy of cygwinb19.dll?  Although it was reported to be
safe I've seen occasions where it did cause problems.  I suggest
renaming the cygwinb19.dll to see if it is getting in the way.  If
you're still using binaries that require it then use a binary editor
to change the occurrence of cygwinb19.dll in the .exe to
cygwin1.dll<null><null> being careful not to change the length of the
-                        \\||//
--                     --
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