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RE: "Out of environment space" error

---Todd Goodman <> wrote:
> > You are the first NT user I've seen have this problem.  BTW, where
> > the properties window for setting auto memory or 4096 on NT?
> Right click on the shortcut (which is a short-cut to an MSDOS
> select Properties, then Memory Tab, then under Conventional Memory
there is
> an Initial Environment drop down box which was set to Auto by default.

There is no Memory Tab on the NT MS-DOS Prompt Properites dialog.  The
Tabs should be General, Shortcut, Options, Font, Layout and Colors; in
that order.

> Perhaps it has to do with my installing NT over an existing 95
> on
> the same drive (a FAT partition).

My guess here is that you didn't properly install NT.  Don't know what
you've as a result.  I suggest trying it again as this is definitely
not NT.
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