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RE: spawning nmake from a gnumake Makefile

> ---JP Shipherd <jp@Nuance.COM> wrote:
> 8<
> > Does anyone have any idea what changed and/or a strategy for
> modifying my
> > gnumakefile so it can work with the later betas?
> 8<
> An environment variable was added to control the nature of the
> makefile UNIX style vs WIN32 style.  You need to `export
> MAKE_MODE=unix' if you don't want the default WIN32 style.

We needed to set that variable just to get the build to work at all.  It
does fine except for spawning NMAKE.  ie:


        @cd ../MFCWaveEdit/Wavetools; \
        $(NMAKE) /NOLOGO /F Wavetools.mak ALL
include" \
                LIB="$(LIB);$(W32_NUANCE)/lib/win32" CFG=$(WTCNF$(OPTION))

This worked fine in B18 but B19 and B20 complain:

Wwavetools.mak(1) : fatal error U1023: syntax error in expression

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