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Re: strange mount behaviour...

---Michael Hirmke <> wrote:
> Sebastien Barre [] wrote:
> [...]
> >Device           Directory           Type        Flags
> >D:\temp          /tmp                native      text!=binary
> >d:\devel\gnuwin32\cygwin-b20\etc /etc                native     
> >D:               /d                  native      text!=binary
> >D:\devel\gnuwin32\root /                   native      text!=binary
> To avoid problems, you shouldn't mount directories from the same
> partition, if it isn't absolutely nescessary.
> Instead use
> Device                       Directory     Type        Flags
> D:\devel\gnuwin32\cygwin-b20 /             native      text!=binary
> and then
> ln -s //d/temp /tmp
> and use //d/ instead of /d

Why do you give this warning?  I don't have problems with have more
than one mount on the same device.
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