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Re: RPC : clnt_create_timed

Geoff Hayward wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been given the Sun RPC source (sunrpc-40.cygwin1.src.tar) and
> compiled this on my NT machine under cygwin.
> When I try to compile under cygwin applications that have been written
> on Sun machines some of the functions are not found (e.g. clnt_create is
> fine but clnt_create_timed is not found).
> Any suggestions ?

The forementioned function `clnt_create_timed' is not part of the SUN RPC
package. Are you sure, that this function is part of RPC on the SUN
machine or is it already a function, which is used by an RPC application?
I'm asking, because `timed' is not a typical RPC application, you know?


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