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Re: 'flip' program needed

Hi Krzysztof,

>Could you include the 'flip' program into cygwin.
>(tiny package can be found on Debian mirrors)
>It allows easy conversion betwen Unix and dos text files.

Perhaps you can use this:

------------------------< snip snip snip >-----------------------------


   - what is it?
     - `recode' converts files between character sets and usages. When
        exact transliterations are not possible, it may get rid of the
        offending characters or fall back on approximations. This
        program recognizes or produces nearly 150 different character
        sets and is able to transliterate files between almost any pair.
        Most RFC 1345 character sets are supported.

   - system
     - Windows NT4 German / SP3

   - Cygwin
     - for B20
     - binary mounts only
     - CYGWIN=title strip_title binmode glob tty
   - preliminaries
     - get the source packages
       - recode-3.4.1 (the source code)
       somewhere from the net or your favourite Linux distribution

   - configure
     - works without changes

   - make
     - works without changes
     - example: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

   - make install
     - works without changes

   - notes
     - none

   - package availability
     - on
     - in /pub/win32/develop/gnuwin32/cygwin32/porters/Hirmke_Michael/B20
     - as recode-3.4.1-cygwin-b20-bin.tar.gz
     - or

   - contributed by
     - (Michael Hirmke)

------------------------< snip snip snip >-----------------------------


Michael Hirmke           | Telefon +49 (911) 557999
Georg-Strobel-Strasse 81 | FAX     +49 (911) 557664
90489 Nuernberg          | E-Mail
                         | WWW

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