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Re: RPC : clnt_create_timed

>Suhaib M. Siddiqi wrote:
>> According to my knowledge, the SUNRPC is still version 4.0 on Sparc and
>> Solaris.  Did you download the code from  If
>> so it is the same source code which Sun perhaps uses with its Sparc and
>> Solaris.
>I don't know anymore, from where I have downloaded it, but now I have taken
>a look into the file `'.
>identical to the one I downloaded once. It doesn't contain a function
>`clnt_create_timed()'. rpcsrc-4.0 is from SunOS 4.0.
>There is another RPC implemetation in the directory
>which is called the `transport independent' variant. The last version on
>server is `tirpcsrc2.3.tar.Z'. This is the version used on Solaris 2.3.
>This version doesn't contain the function `clnt_create_timed()', too!


You defintely know more about RPC code.  All I meant that I saw those errors
in my core file.  I did not say it came from rpc.h.  I am sorry for not
being very clear. It very well may have been from the source code I used to
link to your librpclib.a.  I did not investigated.

This afternoon I did check rpc header files on my IRIX 6.5.  SGI uses the
same RPC which Sun uses on Solaris and SPARC under license (I assume) and I
also did not find a clnt_create_timed() in any header files under
/include/rpc directory.  The rpc library on SGI is called libsun.a


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