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Re: Compiling Perl under b20.1

I've taken Sebastien Barre's suggestions and Steven Morlock's instructions and
successfully compiled perl5.005_02 under Cygwin B20.1 and WinNT4sp4. I took
all their suggestions and created a patch file and collected the instructions
together in the attached package (6kB). It can also be downloaded from

Yoiu can also find a binary distribution of perl at the same location:

It's 2.6Meg, unpack from /. It will install into /usr/local/bin/,
/usr/local/man/, /usr/local/lib/, and a few text files into
/usr/local/src/perl5.005_02/. The ftp server has been up & down a lot lately,
please be patient.

Please comment on both the collected build instructions and the binary

Chuck Wilson


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