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Re: Compiling Perl under b20.1

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> ---Charles Wilson <> wrote:
> 8<
> > Now, all three of your patches address problems I didn't see; the
> main difference
> > between us being binary vs. text mounts. If that is the case, should
> these tests
> > be skipped for all cygwin (binary and text mount) or should the
> tests be fixed so
> > that they work for both binary and text mounts? I'm not sure if the
> second option
> > means hacking the test scripts, or hacking perl itself.
> >
> 8<
> IMHO, it seems that the easiest fix for this would be for perl to
> always open a script file in text mode processing.  Any file that can
> be potentially created by a human with an editor should be opened for
> text mode processing.

The issue is that the scripts in question directly open files themselves,
specifying O_RDWR | O_CREAT, etc. and test access to those files using
stat(). Thus the problem in these cases seem to be the scripts (and the
CYGWIN=ntea variable), not the perl exec itself.

Here's the three tests that failed for Sebastien but worked for me:

fs.t  FAILED tests 5,7,9,10
    each of these are testing access using stat(). I've got CYGWIN=ntea,
I'm guessing that Sebastien doesn't. Here is a representative part of

    $blksize,$blocks) = stat('c');
if ($Is_Dosish) {print "ok 7 # skipped: no link\n";}
elsif (($mode & 0777) == 0777) {print "ok 7\n";}
else {print "not ok 7\n";}

sdbm.t  FAILED test 2, 5-18
    test 2 seems similar to the stat() problems above.
    tests 5-18 seem to involve a hashtable written to a file (I think),
and the behavior of that hashtable is then tested. If the file is on a
text mount, and but is opened in O_BINARY mode (ie. due to the
USEMYBINMODE  patch) then you get problems?

anydbm.t FAILED test 2, 5-12
    test 2 is another stat() problem
    tests 5-12 are similar to the the failed tests in sdbm.t.

Sebastien - try setting ntea and building perl again - but watch out for
those eadata files. Setting ntea, and using only my patch (not your
changes) should get rid of the failures in fs.t, and the failures of
test2 in sdbm and anydbm. At least, that's my guess.


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