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Re: B20.1: how to build for MinGW32?

"Kai-Uwe Rommel" <> writes:
> DJ Delorie <> wrote on 7.3.1999 19:08:28:
> >
> > > Since I can't find notes about that in the docs, here is my
> > > question: what is the official way of recompiling the code for
> > > MinGW32?
> >
> > Mingw doesn't provide a posix emulation, so I wouldn't expect GNU
> > tools to build with it.  I think our expectation is that the
> > development tools would always be built with cygwin, and would
> > cross-compile to mingw.
> So how do I cross-compile with CygWin to MinGW32? I finally managed
> to get the thing compiled, but after "configure" I had to add
> -mno-cygwin manually to the Makefile's "CC = gcc" statements and
> also had to manually edit some config.h files.
> Probably I already have to tell "configure" to use -mno-cygwin, but
> how? I am still not all too familiar with CygWin and configure ...

Have you looked at my howto for building mingw cross compiler? That may
answer your question.


I've never tried building under cygwin, but in theory it should work just
as well as under Linux or other well supported Unix'y hosts.


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