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Re: X11 and MINGW32

>> 2) How to compile X11R6.4 with the -mno-cygwin flag. (I can compile
>> under CYGWIN but not with the -mno-cygwin flag).
>Can't, sorry.
>However, Suhaib posted a reference to a x11.lib just a few days ago
>the mailing list archive You may
>want to check that out.

Here are the links to xforms and X11R6.3 libraries for MSVC and  MingW32
(probably will work with MinW32).

The Windows Native and Cygwin-B20 ports of X-forms are in:

If you decide to X11R6.3 libraries, I will suggest get the Xform itself
too.  Xform contains many useful DLLs and libs which can be used with
X11R6.x libraries.

It is possible to compile X11R6.x libraries on your NT, but not
with -mno-cygwin option in Cygwin and MingW32.  PGI compilers (pgCC)
worked in my hands
with  a combination of -msvcrt and -Munix options.  If you want to build
a X11R6.x library yourself, you will need PGI Workstation, MingW32 will
not work.

I hope this will help.



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