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Fast bash acccess

Often I find useful to open a bash window in a given folder.
The fastest method is to locate the folder in the Explorer
and right-click on it and select an item from the pop-up menu.

Here is a simple .reg file that creates a couple of entries
in the registry: the result is a new item named "Bash" in the
right-click menu that opens a bash window in the selected folder.



; modify previous line to use your installed cygwin path

Copy the text between the lines into a file (bash.reg) with .reg extension. 
Modify the effective path to your bash running batch file.
Then double-click on the file.

Hope you enjoy it.

 / Marco Torchiano                                                    /
 \ <>     \ Dip. Automatica ed Informatica \
  \ <> \ Politecnico di Torino          \
   \ phone: +39 011 564 7081          \ Duca degli Abruzzi, 24    \
    \ fax: +39 011 564 7099            \ I-10129 Torino (Italy)         \

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