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Re: Compiled executable differences between 9x and NT

A tarball of the source is available at:

Readme.txt (in the tarball) includes directions on
compiling the program, as well as descriptions of 
the observed crash under 95.


>9x and NT have different sets of bugs and features.  Cygwin
>checks which OS is running and uses this info to provide the
>a Unix layer that should make Cygwin applications run
>the same under either OS.  (Of course while this is the
>goal, sometimes this doesn't quite happen).

Cygwin isn't there yet, but it's getting close.  Thank you
for the effort.


>Ah, you're using mingw.  So Cygwin is probably
>not relevant.  Hmmm, well, I've noticed that Windows
>9x often is more sensitive to buggy exes.  Perhaps
>you're running into a compiler issue?

Actually, I'm trying to use as many compilers as I can.
Thus, I'm compiling with cygwin, mingw32, and MSVC.
(I would also try DJGPP, but I had some configuration
issues I still need to deal with...)

As for compiler issues...  I seem to have run into a fair
number of them trying to develop the program.  I sent out
a prior message detailing 3 template-related bugs to the
cygwin list (as well as to egcs-bugs).  I believe I've
worked around them, but it's possible I missed a few.

>Geoffrey Noer Email:
>Cygnus Solutions

 - Jon

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