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Re: [ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

DJ Delorie wrote:
> The reason I specified full sources for all application is because
> when you build an application with cygwin, the resulting binary always
> includes sources from cygwin (namely, the startup code and import
> library stubs), so all applications thus compiled must be distributed
> under the terms of the GPL.

ok, this point is quite clear and should be accepted by anyone using
cygwin, me too. So I suppose we will compile a set of software which is
definitly distributed under the terms of GPL.

Now what about the xforms 0.881 cygwin pre-compiled port we have
provided to the xforms authors. They will only allow distribution of the
pre-compiled binary but not the patched cygwin port sources. This would
mean they would violate GPL since we have used cygwin b20.1 to compile


Stipe Tolj <>

Cygwin Porting Project -- "We build UNIX on top of Windows"

Department of Economical Computer Science        
University of Cologne, Germany

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