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Re: DateTime Picker and MonthCal ctrl. under b20.

Nirmal Prasad wrote:
> Hi there,
> I happened to notice that there was no support for the Date-Time Picker and
> Month Control under gnu-win32 b20. Well i have put in the necessary message
> constants , macros and structures into the various files but i found that
> the CommonControl library (libComCtl32.a does not have an export called
> InitCommonControlsEx.) I have a comctl32.dll that has this exported function
> but my question is how was libcomctl32.a built. ( Pls. correct me if i am
> wrong .. i was looking for something like implib).  It will be great if
> someone could tell me how i could build a new libcomctl32.a

InitCommonControlsEx and related things are new features of the win32
and they are not (as you've noticed) in any headers or import libraries.
Get the .def file for comctl32.dll (comtl32.def) and add the line:

To build the library execute:
dlltool -k --output-lib libcomtl32.a --dllname comctl32.dll --def

You also have to add the prototype for InitCommonControlsEx to
(don't forget WINAPI). Could you send me your patches?

Get the def file from the mingw32 package
or from the GNU Windows32 library
or from the cygwin source distribution.


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