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Re: [ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

---Greg Miller <> wrote:
> Michael Weiser wrote:
> > Why? Someone who can't do a tar -xzvf will also be unable to use
> > cygwin after install. It's the old thread which shows up here
> > regularly and I'm one of those who want tar's or even better rpm's.
> Except that the above tar command isn't equivalent to a full
> InstallShield executable. Further, many cygwin users just want to run
> one or two pieces of UNIX software, not use a full simulation of UNIX.

You've just given a perfectly good reason why _NOT_ to use
InstallShield.  With InstallShield, unless the packager has provided
for it, you can't just pick and choose like you would be able to with

I know, I know; can't this thread just die?  Well, I just couldn't
resist responding.
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