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Re: Freeciv Binaries

Hi Russell,

>	I was wondering if anyone has been able to run the freeciv binaries
>available from
>/B20/ on Windows 95.  My server will run fine but when I run the client I get

As the README states:

   - system
     - WinNT 4.0 SP3 with cygwin B20.1 and egcs-1.1.1

it hasn't been tested on any Win9x system.

>BASH.EXE-2.02$ civclient
>1: Using fallback resources - which is OK
>1: Your getpwuid call failed.  Please report this.
>[main] C:\CYGNUS\USR\LOCAL\BIN\CIVCLIENT.EXE 1001 (0) handle_exceptions:
>[main] CIVCLIENT 1001 (0) handle_exceptions: Dumping stack trace to

It also states

   - notes
     - civclient still (like on B19) tends to core-dump at a certain
       maximum shell environment size or number of environment
       variables. Unfortunately there seems to be no specific point
       when this limit is reached. So just try.

so there are problems even on NT! Perhaps this is exactly your

>let me know.
>THank You.

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