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Re: NT file permissions

Greg Frank wrote:
> While using NTFS and setting CYGWIN=ntea, group permissions
> on files are not being reported correctly.
> A given file has granted "full access control"  to everyone and still
> shows up as -rw-r--r--
> Thus, a "test -w" fails on a file that is perfectly writable by me.
> Is this a known problem or does anyone know of some more
> documentation I should be reading?

Hi Greg,

it's the expected behaviour of `ntea'. `ntea' doesn't set the
NT rights, but saves the UNIX-like permissions as an additional
information. Thus, your NT attributes are not changed, but the
checks on permissions as in your `test -w' example are done on
the additional saved info. So, `ntea' only has effect in cygwin,
since no other product reads this info.

Possibly, the next release of cygwin contains an extension,
which allows, to set NT attributes according to cygwin's
UNIX-like permissions, at least on NTFS file system.


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