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Problems with the Ksh. . .

                                    March 13th, 1999

Big thanks to Corinna for the info on the Public Domain Ksh.
I'm having problems getting it to run, though, and am facing an
error message that looks like:

        "This program cannot be run in MS-DOS"

I've moved the executable to the same /bin directory that holds the
cygwin1.dll and my other shells.
There were "ksh.1" and "cygwin.diffs" files included with the "ksh.exe"
program, but I don't know exactly what these are responsible for.

Any thoughts? Any ideas?

                                     David L. Painter
                                     ph: (559) 292-5366 * 3
                                     fax:(559) 292-0410

P.S. My Tcsh has an incredibly slow startup time.  Has anyone else had
problems with this, or have any idea of what to do about it?

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