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Re: Problems with the Ksh. . .

>There were "ksh.1" and "cygwin.diffs" files included with the "ksh.exe"
>program, but I don't know exactly what these are responsible for.
>Any thoughts? Any ideas?

ksh.1 is a man pages for ksh and *.diff files are always the patches.  In
this case it a patch file to patch orginal source code for compiling under

You might consider that pdksh is a clone of ksh, not the actual ksh.  Actual
Ksh is copyrighted David Korn of AT&T.  If you need orginal KSH, it is
available only for UWIN from David Korn.

>                                     David L. Painter
>                                     ph: (559) 292-5366 * 3
>                                     fax:(559) 292-0410
>P.S. My Tcsh has an incredibly slow startup time.  Has anyone else had
>problems with this, or have any idea of what to do about it?
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